In 1892 the Swiss gentlemen J.B. Diesch settled his bakery in Middelburg – Holland. He specialized himself in baking the Old Dutch Butterscotch. In 1925 his son followed him up in the bakery. Because of his childless marriage the bakery was handed over to the family Christiaansen around 1950. The family carried on with baking the Old Dutch Butterscotch according to the traditional recipe of J.B. Diesch.

In den zoeten inval 1927

Since 1892 the Old Dutch Butterscotch is hand made. Until 1925 the candies were shipped in bags and jars throughout the Netherlands, but also in China and other parts of the world. In 1925 the first tin was introduced on the market.

Why is the Old Dutch Butterscotch a traditional candy?

The Dutch people enjoyed the Old Dutch Butterscotch by their cups of coffee throughout the day. Especially by the local farmers the candy was well served during coffee breaks.

How do you recognize the Old Dutch Butterscotch?

The Old Dutch butterscotch is a square shaped candy. You can recognize the candy by it’s packaging. On each wrapper our Dutch lady is exposed. Also our tins are printed with the traditional blue colors of J.B. Diesch.